Helen Stanley Pottery

After working strictly with stoneware since starting this studio in 1993, I have recently had some fun with porcelain and have been trying some new glazes and finishes.

This is the home of  Helen Stanley  Pottery.  Welcome.  Situated next to the Bay of Fundy on the scenic Seeleys Cove Rd., we are surrounded by nature at its best, which can’t help but influence my pottery.

Helen Stanley Pottery

450 Seeleys Cove Rd.

Seeleys Cove NB E5H 2E5 Canada  506-755-2030 or 506-343-1894 saltglaze@gmail.com or find me on Facebook @ Helen Stanley Pottery

I like making work on commission.  Some of the most fun things I’ve made have been for specific people.  If you have something you’d like to get made, write me, call me.  We’ll talk about it and if the solution is something that suits us both, I’ll make it for you.